About Sue Denver

Did you ever want to be more than yourself? I always have. As a kid, I imagined I lived up in the clouds with a band of other kids. We would swoop down — because we could fly! — and rescue people in trouble. And we’d beat the crap out of their abusers.

When I got older, I became obsessed with crime and mysteries. I wanted to know how someone could track down evil doers and peel back their false faces — exposing them to the world. 

The day I quit my corporate job — my dreams came true. Today I spend my days throwing my character, Sara Flores, at one criminal mastermind after another — just to see what she can do. 

And… I cheated. I let her be more than herself by making her a werewolf — the only magical creature in a world otherwise just like ours. Because I wanted to see what she could do with a wolf’s senses and strength. And wildness.

So let’s gather ‘round a fire while I spin my stories of ruthless criminals, suspicious cops, and Sara’s small band of misfits fighting to save us all. Test drive my world with a free story at SueDenver.com.

And… to tell you more about my love of wolves, here’s a little story about a wolf I met years ago who “transformed” me (at least my soul).

Help for Wolf Sanctuaries

If you want to provide real help to real wolves, I strongly recommend the Wolf Sanctuary of PA. Use this link to check out their website. Their wolves are in pens of 2-4 acres — with anywhere from one to five wolves in a pen. They only pair wolves who like each other(!) (How do they know? They place two wolves they think might get along in adjacent pens and let them get to know each other — if they want to. If so, they can end up living together.)

I’ll be contributing 5% of all sales of jewelry to this organization. I’ve visited them, taking the extended tour, and want to help as much as possible. They have a lot of wolves — which costs them a lot of money. And due to COVID, money from visitors has been way down in 2020-2021. So if you can help — you’ll know it’s for a good organization doing good work.

Adopt a wolf! One of their programs I especially like is you can “adopt” a wolf. For just $55, you’ll get an adoption certificate, a great 4×6 photo of your new family member — and more goodies with which to amaze your friends(!)

Adopt a Wolf!

This is Frodo, who lived at the Wolf Sanctuary of PA. He recently passed away at the very old age of 15.

I had “adopted” him. You can adopt a wolf of your own. It’s just $55, which helps the Sanctuary cover costs at a time when visitor revenues are so reduced. They’ve got quite a few choices so you can pick a wolf that speaks to you. You get an adoption certificate and a great photo of your new family member. (Photo used with their permission.)

Despite Frodo’s passing, the work the Sanctuary does continues with other wolves.