Kindred Spirit – Wolves & Humans

This is my favorite painting by great Pawnee artist Charles W. Chapman. It’s titled Kindred Spirit. If you’d like to see more of his work, just click here. (Or click on the tab above for Pawnee Art & Culture, then on the drop-down for Pawnee Artist Charles W. Chapman. Would love to get your comments!

Kindred Spirit

2 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit – Wolves & Humans”

  1. I took art lessons(20+yrs ago) from an artist/teacher named Carl Ponca, from the Fairfax,Pawhuska Oklahoma area. It was a class of 6-9 women ages 28-60. I think we might have drove they man crazy,lol. Three of us ladies sat at a long table. We were always talking,laughing and enjoying our time there. The others were scattered around the room at their own small table or desk. Carl referred to the 3 of us as the 3 Rs of the group.He referred to us being like Remington,Rembrant,and Russell. It was myself,my daughter-in-law and Velma Raines. I believe that Velma said she was related to Charles Chapman. Maybe an aunt.(?) But she told us stories of him as a child. Some funny,but all good. Mr. Ponca took part of the class to meet him at an art show one day. His paintings were great. I could feel the spirit of the paintings.

    1. That sounds like a wonderful experience! And I agree with you about Charles Chapman’s paintings capturing a spirit. You could almost crawl inside them and experience what he painted. He put his everything into them. He told me he was drawing every free minute he got from the time he was very young. Thank you for sharing this.

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