Meet Sarge — You can adopt her!

I’m obsessed with protecting wolves these days. Sanctuaries can help protect their gene pool. They can also save wolves from horrendous conditions imposed by some “owners.” (Believe me, you do NOT want to know the details of how cruel humans can be to a defenseless animal in their care.)

The Wolf Sanctuary of PA has rescued wolves who have been physically and emotionally damaged by humans.

This is Sarge — another great older (15-years) wolf you could “adopt” from the Wolf Sanctuary of PA. Birthdate: Jan 21, 2006, Female Gray Wolf, born at Wolf Sanctuary of PA in the Big Pack, Sarge is a female and grew up with her 2 sisters in the pack. Her sisters Chomp and Trinity have since aged and passed on. Sarge is the last remaining female in the Big Pack. She is still very strong and enjoys spending time with her family members.

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