Suzy’s new BFF is a werewolf

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A werewolf changes
Valentine’s Day

Suzy has good reasons for hating Valentine’s Day this year, including her BFF abandoning her to chase after — ick! — boys, and a scuzzy man watching her at the RV park where she and her mom live.

She has one new friend — a dog that’s been hanging around. But this “dog” is hiding some very, very big secrets. It’s all going to hit the fan this Valentine’s Day — and will forever change what the day means to Suzy.

Hidden cameras in casinos


“Alaska Brown no longer noticed all the security cameras at Tulsa’s Four Leaf Clover Casino. She knew they were in the parking lot where she parked, in the cashier’s cage where she worked, and in the casino restaurant where she got dinner. That didn’t even count the five cameras each at the gaming tables. 

As far as she knew, the only place on casino property without cameras was inside the bathrooms. 

She believed they’d have cameras there, too, if it weren’t illegal.”

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