Hidden cameras in casinos


“Alaska Brown no longer noticed all the security cameras at Tulsa’s Four Leaf Clover Casino. She knew they were in the parking lot where she parked, in the cashier’s cage where she worked, and in the casino restaurant where she got dinner. That didn’t even count the five cameras each at the gaming tables. 

As far as she knew, the only place on casino property without cameras was inside the bathrooms. 

She believed they’d have cameras there, too, if it weren’t illegal.”

Available everywhere for preorder. Pub date 6/14.

Just released 11/8!


Payback is a bitch!  Boxed Set of 3 Mystery/Action Novellas: Rescuing those in need isn’t all Sara Flores likes about her new life as a werewolf. Who knew it would be so much fun terrorizing evil doers? Abusers. Murders for hire. Rich men building their fortunes on the pain of innocents. The looks on their faces when they discover they’re not invincible — it just warms a girl’s heart.

But Sara may have bit off more than she can chew. In this boxed set of three novellas, she runs right into a multi-state baby mill, a sex trafficking ring with police protection, and an assassin. Sara’s just one woman — but she has surprise on her side. Because nobody believes in werewolves. At least, nobody alive does.

These are Sara’s adventures in her second year as a werewolf. Her first year’s adventures are collected in Newbie Werewolf.