Werewolf Stories

They made it personal. Now Sara will risk everything to save a little boy. When werewolf Sara Flores’ kayak runs smack into a child kidnapping ring, it would be stupid for her to get involved. But Sara is going to be stupid because she saw the pudgy little 3-year-old. She looked into his tear-stained eyes as they dragged him away. Pub Date – 1/10/22

Werewolf vs. Texas — who will win? Sara Flores just wants to help a family whose daughter died, in this WolfLady short story. To do that, she’ll have to get past a jerk Texas sheriff…
— without punching him (darn it!)
— without getting either of them killed (hopefully!)
— and without revealing her furry secret
No pressure, but she can’t fail — or it would destroy the girl’s family. Pub Date – 10/12/21

It wasn’t supposed to risk lives! Sara just wanted a little break from killing bad guys and saving innocents. But a stop at a local zoo made her lose her mind.  Now she’s on a rescue mission —with so many ways it could go very, very wrong.
* She’s rushing — which is how mistakes are made
* She’s risking lives — animals and people 
* She’s in danger of exposing her secret life to the authorities
But… sometimes a werewolf just has to do what a werewolf has to do. No matter the cost. No matter the body count. Because if she didn’t at least try, she’d never forgive herself.

WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR? is the WolfLady origin short story: Sara Flores — turned werewolf by a dying Lupiti shaman. Experience for yourself the shocking transformation that started the adventures. Click for your favorite bookseller.

Both stories in one book — just click for your favorite bookseller.
A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: Experience for yourself what it would be like to run through the night as a wolf.
CHOICES: Cynthia Hare is on the run. Her husband is drunk — again — and he’s brought home a dangerous friend. Can she get away and take her babies home to her mom? Can a werewolf help her?

Cell phone for the modern werewolf

For your enjoyment, I got permission to show you this great fake ad for a cell phone that is werewolf friendly. The concept and the great(!) writing were done by NotHere3 and the art was done by MonoFlax. You can check out both of them through the links above — they have some great art at DeviantArt.com.