Sara Flores Werewolf Mysteries

Each of these stories can be read in any order. But… if you’d like to read them in chronological order — to see how Sara changes — you can find the order here.

When a billionaire wants you dead — how will you survive? Investigator Sara Flores was hired to find a woman who left her Tulsa casino job 192 days ago – and hasn’t been seen since. The cops say Alaska Brown left willingly. The FBI isn’t looking. And now, someone deadly is trying to kill off Sara and her team. Someone with unlimited funds. Has she the right to risk all their lives? But… how can she not? Can Sara and her 3-person team of misfits really take down a billionaire — or is this the case that gets them all killed? [230-pg. novel] 

Will her first case be her last? Lillian Knudsen, a war vet and amputee, has someone out to kill her. Werewolf Sara Flores got her P.I. license for one reason — to give cops an excuse why they might find her near dead bodies — lots of dead bodies. It turns out evildoers who attack innocents aren’t interested in giving them up without a fight. Soon Sara’s up to her snout in hired assassins and explosives — because money is no object to the man who wants Lillian — and now Sara too — dead. [158-pg. novella]

Payback is a bitch! (Mystery/Action Box Set) Three werewolf vigilante stories in one boxed set. Rescuing those in need isn’t all Sara Flores likes about her new life as a werewolf. Who knew it would be so much fun terrorizing evil doers? The looks on their faces when they discover they’re not invincible — it just warms a girl’s heart.

Includes 3 novellas: Betrayal in Oklahoma, Amateur Assassin, and The Stench of Fear.

THE FIRST 8 ADVENTURES OF SARA FLORES Abandoned. Nobody to show her the ropes of being a werewolf. Nobody even believes they exist. Journey with Sara as she discovers her mission — to save innocents — and figures out how. For example, Is it OK to kill evildoers? If so, is it OK to eat them? How about if she’s really, really hungry? Can she keep going into the dark, hidden places — without leaving behind a piece of her soul? (Collection of 7 short stories & one novella)

Cell phone for the modern werewolf

For your enjoyment, I got permission to show you this great fake ad for a cell phone that is werewolf friendly. The concept and the great(!) writing were done by NotHere3 and the art was done by MonoFlax. You can check out both of them through the links above — they have some great art at