2 thoughts on “Wolf as Confessor?”

  1. Hello Sue,
    I came across your website today while searching for paintings by my Uncle Charlie Chapman. I had a question about one that you had on the site.
    Thank you for sharing the images and information about Charlie. He was a great uncle and art inspiration.
    Warren Realrider

    1. Hi Warren,
      After all these years I still remain awed by Charlie’s talent. I’ll answer anything I can, but some of the works I never saw in person — they were only color pictures or slides Charlie kept. Which picture did you have the question about?
      Sue Denver
      PS: You don’t know who Charlie’s heir was, do you? Or if it was Carmen, who her heir was? I have a lot of color photographs and slides, and some 2×4 transparencies I think belong with the family instead of me.

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