Suzy’s new BFF is a werewolf

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A werewolf changes
Valentine’s Day

Suzy has good reasons for hating Valentine’s Day this year, including her BFF abandoning her to chase after — ick! — boys, and a scuzzy man watching her at the RV park where she and her mom live.

She has one new friend — a dog that’s been hanging around. But this “dog” is hiding some very, very big secrets. It’s all going to hit the fan this Valentine’s Day — and will forever change what the day means to Suzy.

Werewolves Just Wanna Have Fun?!

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Sara Flores is a P.I. who helps innocents who can’t protect themselves. In doing so, she’s tracked down and terminated creeps, abusers, and even billionaires who think their money is a “get out of jail free” card. 

She’s also a werewolf. She doesn’t turn into some phony Hollywood monster, but instead into a real wolf. But without a pack, she’s a lone, lonely wolf. So… her idea of fun is a little different from ours. Hers has some “bite” in it. And a big heart.

Curl up with this shocking but heartwarming story and see if her idea of fun matches yours!